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Motivation · 5 Jul 2018 11:23 WIB ·

13 Things To Change for Success

 13 Things To Change for Success Perbesar

Most people correlate material possessions with wealth, not knowing that sometimes the road to success means to reduce the amount of useless things in our life, this can mean: material possessions that don’t add value to what we do, unproductive habits, or negative mindsets. Let’s talk about a few things that are essential to eliminate from your daily life if you want to start heading down the road to success.

Living an Unhealthy Lifestyle

Mental health and physical health go hand in hand. In order to feel like a successful person, you have to take care of yourself like one. A good, well balanced diet will work wonders for your mental state, and exercise will keep both your confidence and health up. On the contrary, living an unhealthy life will keep you down in the dumps; both physically and mentally.

Focusing only in Short-term goals

Successful people are ambitious. They prefer focusing on future projects other than short-term ones. However, long term goals are only effectively achievable by involving yourself in small, gradual changes. Success is merely how you apply that kind of discipline to aid in the constant improvement of yourself. Instant gratification may feel good immediately, but ask yourself this: Do you prefer to feel good for a small amount of time, or would you rather see the culmination of your hard work last longer thanks to your dedication and compromise?

Not Taking Risks

It’s a given that staying in your comfort zone is always easier than exposing yourself to new things. It’s a deep-seated mentality that most people have embedded in their minds. Waiting for success to come your way without taking any risks is more comfortable than doing something to change your luck. This is what distinguishes the doers from the dreamers; Risk takers are a always a step ahead in the road to success. Take a chance!

Making Excuses

Something that distinguishes successful and non-successful people is the responsibility of admitting when they’ve taken a false step. To be honest, we all know that accepting responsibility for an action we made is difficult. Not everyone likes to acknowledge they made a mistake. But once you get past that, you will see that excuses are just a means of self-deceiving that are harmful to both your personal, and professional life.

Thinking Innate Talent Equals Success

By creating a fixed mindset, people think whatever talents or intelligence they have are innate traits, thus creating the assumption that this itself will lead to success without effort. This is a big mistake! There can never be success without effort, successful people invest a great amount of time acquiring new knowledge, to constantly improve and re-invent themselves.

Believing in Overnight Success 

Overnight success is a myth. Successful people have a habit of committing to continual and gradual habits to make real improvement in their lives, the Japanese call this “Kaizen” which translates to “Change for the better”

Worrying About Perfection

No matter how much we try, nothing we do will ever be truly perfect. Often times we fear the failure that might await us if we try something new, this irrational fear is what steers us from actually doing something worthwhile. The ideal conditions for work may never come; so instead, work on continuous improvement towards perfection, a perfection aimed at paving the road to success.

Needless Multi-tasking

Part of the key to success isn’t doing a lot of things at once. It’s irrational to think that giving small amounts of attention to multiple tasks at once will yield the same result as completing a single task by giving it our undivided attention. Focus, and do things slowly, but surely.

Trying to gain control over everything

It’s important to differentiate the things you can’t control apart from the things that you can’t. Failure in doing so will just result in needless frustration. Remember: the world will keep spinning with, or without us. Stay humble in your goals, this is a surefire way to earn your path to success.

Saying Yes to Things That Don’t Add Value

Successful people can distinguish the things or activities that won’t add value to who they are as a person, or to what they strive to achieve. Remember; you reap what you sow, Instant gratification is temporary, long term success comes from knowing when to say No!

Associating yourself with toxic people

If you’re the smartest, or most ambitious person in the room, You’re in the wrong room.  By associating yourself with toxic people, your vision, goals, and will to succeed will start to go down, but if you surround yourself with Intelligent, Successful, Willing, and Responsible people. You will see how quickly motivated you are to improve yourself.

Wanting Everyone’s Approval

In this life, your goals and ideals won’t be able to please everyone you meet, You are an individual and unique product of life. Stay true to what you are as a person, remain authentic, seek knowledge and self improvement. Once you understand this is the only way to grow as a person, you will understand this is one of the real rewards of being successful.

Wasting Time On Useless Things

It’s easy to get sidetracked with all the free time we are prone to. However, by determining what really adds value to what we strive for, we can eliminate needles wastes of time, money, or talent, and thus: optimizing the way we work and manage ourselves day to day.

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