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6 Jogging Tips for Better Result

 6 Jogging Tips for Better Result Perbesar

What is jogging? This an activity of running at a slow pace with an aim of enhancing the operations of the body. Arthur Lydiard, who is a renowned trainer discovered that jogging was much important than sprinting especially when preparing the body while reducing exhaustion.

What are the health benefits of jogging? The health benefits are clearly and relatively cheap at the same time accessible making it an activity that one can try to achieve maximum benefits to his or her body.

Why say this? A study done at the Copenhagen City Heart had collected data in between the year 1976 and the year 2003 revealing that regular jogging can increase the life expectancy of men and women by 6.2 years and 5.6 years respectively. In addition, Peter Schnohr who was the study’s chief cardiologist found out that jogging could improve heart functions and oxygen intake while reduce blood pressure. Other benefits included increased insulin sensitivity as well as high bone density, low inflammation rates and prevention of blood clots, or obesity and many more.

How long should one jog to gain maximum benefits? This Copenhagen City Heart study found out that the optimum minutes should be in between 60-150 minutes per week. In addition, the National Health Service (NHS) of UK likewise suggested that people aged (19-64) years need to do about 150 minutes of medium aerobic exercise every week to help improve their breathing rate while enhancing their health massively.

How should you jog to get the best results? Here are the tips that can help you get the best results from your regular jog:

Enhance your jogging technique

Different people runs differently, so you must come up with a unique technique that will enable you get the best when jogging.  For instance, UK Athletics resource like UCoach has recommended that running tall; with very high hips by placing every foot directly beneath your center of mass may help you keep your arm action efficient and relaxed, with rhythmical strides. You will always get the best results while enhancing the benefits that you would enjoy when jogging.

Wear correct jogging shoes

What jogging shoes should I wear? You should ensure that you seek help from running shoes specialist to help you choose the best running shoes in the market that will help you when you need the best outcomes. Why is this important?  A good running shoe will help you prevent injuries at the same time enhancing comfort when jogging.

Set your goals correctly

You must ensure that you set your goals before starting if you want to achieve the best outcomes. For instance, you might decide to include things such as getting fit, losing weight by aiming to complete an event such as 5 miles, 10 miles or half or even full marathon. With a set goal, you will be able to do more by getting the best results.

You must mix it up

By mixing up your jogging venues and routes is key to reducing probable boredom. How should you do this? You must come up with alternatives of routes and distances that will motivate you at the same time keeping you to jog for longer distances or hours. In addition, you will be able to jog longer that you really expected thus getting the best results.

Embrace the culture of a social jogger

Jogging can sometimes be hard if you are lonely. You must ensure that engage others to motivate you especially when you want to jog. For instance, you can form a team of people running, walking and jogging over a given distance every week to get the best outcomes.

Spice up your jogging lifestyle

The practice of jogging is actually for the new age. Why say this? Today you will get many smartphone trackers and apps, which can help you monitor your progress at the same time getting motivation. For instance, you will be able to measure your routes, your progression rates and give you comprehensive split times. In addition, you can do some virtual jogs with your nearby friends, have some real-time online coaching help from trained professionals and have mini competitions where winners are awarded.

Ultimately, you will find that jogging is a sociable, smart, and healthy practice after enjoying its health benefits.  In conclusion, the above are the top 6 steps on how to start jogging to add more years to your life as an individual.

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